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brutalio The flail grows by collecting “energy” around the map and hitting other players. However, there is an area somewhere in the center of the map designed for the sole purpose of gathering “energy”. It consists of a ball that generates “energy” on a regular basis allowing multiple players to gather around and try collecting as many as possible. From time to time the area around this ball will change becoming limited and allowing cars to enter only by detaching their flail. The graphics are really nice, consisting of neon colors that are reminiscent of old arcade games and the typical bumper cars that can be found at any amusement park. The game features the option of modifying the graphics quality, as well as the possibility of copying the link of the game currently being played in order to share it with friends and play on the same map. There are no sound effects which is a shame since it has a very unique “90’s disco arcade” vibe to it that almost calls for music. When launching the game, there is no tutorial except for few sentences appearing in rapid succession that explain the goal, but nothing more. The crucial information, like the way to reattach the flail after it has been launched, is given only after starting the game and it is very easy to miss since it appears at the bottom of the screen. The controls are pretty simple, consisting of only the mouse for movement direction and clicking for launching and attracting the flail. The game runs smoothly for the majority of the time, but can start lagging if the server becomes too crowded, which can be pretty frustrating.

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